MegaCon 2013

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Well, folks. Another year of MegaCon has come to pass and boy was it a great one. Orange Anime had a wonderful time at MegaCon and we would like to take this time to thank Anime Sushi. Anime Sushi gave us the chance to run our panels & events at MegaCon this year and we can’t give them enough of our gratitude!

Thank you to MegaCon, Anime Sushi, and to all of you who came out to see us!

Until next year!


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Check it out!


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Orange Anime & MegaCon: Can It Be True?

Screenshot at 2013-03-10 11:32:28That’s right! Orange Anime will be hosting a few events during MegaCon’s anime track this year. MegaCon takes place at the beautiful Orange Country Convention Center (Hall D) on March 15th-17th, 2013. You can find all the details below as well as a short list of our panel schedule.

где в краснодаре можно купить Date: March 15th-17th 2013
http://balonelclasico.com/good/legal-v-chelyabinske.html Location: Orange County Convention Center Hall D
http://www.qenergyissolarenergy.com/life/lsd-chto.html Address: 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

You can expect to see these panels there:

1pm: The 4Kids Effect
2pm: The Legend of Zelda Gameshow
3pm: Ka-blam! 90’s Trivia
8pm: Name That Tune
9pm: CLAMPaholic
10pm: Sentai Superhero Panel

3pm: Anime Guess Who
3pm: Cosplay In A Box
4pm: The Great Pokemon Gameshow
5pm: Awesome AMVs
5pm: Quick Draw Contest
6pm: Homestuck: A look in the MSPaint Adventure
7pm: Manchinima Cinema
7pm: Giant Origami

11am: Video Game Easter Eggs
3pm: Pepakura For Cosplay
4pm: Who Would Win Anime

http://amin-dehdashti.ir/life/tramadol-gde-kupit-spb.html Thanks and we hope to see you there!


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Happy Valentines Day from Orange Anime!


как выглядит закладка соли Happy Valentines Day from Orange Anime! Whether you’re spending it with your significant other or not, we hope you are enjoying your day! Stay safe!

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OA Interviews: Primus

OA is a community, so I thought you might want to get to know the members. Ladies and gents,

http://www.mrandmrssmit.nl/pab/zakladki-omsk-skorost.html HEEEEEEEEERE’S PRIMUS!

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OAMV 2012!

The long-awaited OAMV (Orange Anime Music Video) for 2012 is out! Let’s not waste time! Here it is!


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Orlando Anime Day Is This Weekend!


гашиш купить в краснодаре Day 7:
 Sunday Jan. 27th 2013 (9:30am-5:30pm)   follow site
 International Palms Resort & Convention Center- Link
get link Price: Only $3.00 at the door

как бросит трамадол Military personnel & Kids 10years and under get in FREE

go to site Information:

Our show is the one day anime marketplace that brings all your anime/manga needs to you without all the hassle or extra expense associated with other conventions. Admission is only $3.00 at the door so you won’t have to spend all your money just to get inside. Orlando Anime Day features an over 2,000 sq ft dealers room, Video/Event room, prize giveaways, raffle drawing, cosplay, and FREE Parking.

http://www.silicon-prairie.fr/fan/kupit-narkotiki-v-tomske.html Featuring:

Music Lounge – New Event
Marketplace (dealer’s room)
Artist’s Area
Costume Contest
Prize Giveaways
Video/Event room
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Video Game Area
Anime Day Card Battle Game

Save money on your Anime Day entry fee by trading in your old manga.
Get one dollar off your entry fee for each manga you trade in. Trade in three and your entry is FREE!

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Morikami Museum Pray For Japan Film Showing

Japan Film

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 in Tohoku, Japan was one of the worst disasters in recorded history. In times of crisis, every person has a choice: every man for himself; or to be greater than that, and reach out to one’s neighbors. In the face of this unprecedented catastrophe, the people of Ishinomaki, the largest coastal city in Tohoku chose to pull together and help each other. People from all over Japan – and from all over the world – descended on the town to relieve suffering and help move the city and its people towards recovery. This is a movie about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It is a tale of victims becoming volunteers, and volunteers becoming heroes. Pray for Japan’s message is one of compassion, selflessness and hope – an inspiration for our daily lives.

Director Stu Levy (Founder of Tokyopop) will be there for a Q&A session as well. If you haven’t seen the film, please take the time to check it out!




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Orange Anime & UmiCon Daytona 2012 (Now In Fancy Video Form!)

For those of you who didn’t check it out, here is our video from UmiCon Daytona 2012!

Also, don’t forget to check out the UmiCon Daytona site!  They have recently announced their 2013 dates.


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Orange Anime’s 4th Roast Of…

Every once and a while, a person comes along that inspires us. Someone that lifts us up off of our feet and compels us to do great things and inspire people. Well, here at Orange Anime, that person doesn’t exist, so we’re going to roast the next person in line. This year, at Orange Anime’s 10th Anniversary, we’re going to assemble a team of roasters to commit verbable torture against one of our own..but who shall that be?

That’s for you to decide!

All you have to do is choose your top 3 members that you would like to see roasted. AlephZero, EmpressAuthor and FJ have already been roasted, so they aren’t to be picked, respectively.

Have fun, and happy roasting.

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