OrangeCon will take place May 24th-26th, 2013 International Palms Resort & Conference Center located at 6515 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.

The hotel is also double-booked with a wedding so feel free to come dressed in your best formal wear!


 As always Orange Anime strives to put out premium quality panels for the enjoyment of con attendees and the events at OrangeCon will be no different. 

купить гашиш закладкой Since this is the first year of OrangeCon we would also like to announce our weekend long event:

скорость наркотик закладки Skies_of_Oranglandia

This is our interactive event that allows each attendee to choose their faction in the conflict over Oranglandia. The Knights of the Orange have for many centuries protected the small townships from the oppressive rule of the Yellow Mustard Militia that had already conquered the lands of the North. You may choose to defend Oranglandia and join the ranks of the Knights of the Orange, or you may choose to join the Yellow Mustard Militia and help take control over Oranglandia in their conquest for supremacy.

миксы казань купить The Orangeaid Cafe!

You will be able to enjoy a bowl of Fried Ramen with Orangeade from concentrate.
Also free boxes of Pocky!!

Orange Anime presents Organic Anime Checkers!


Watch your favorite meat bag compete to see who is the best at holding the back line.

go The Bearded Yak Panel

Pariahs rejoice The Bearded Yak shall make its return at OrangeCon!

купить легал My Little Pony Branding Party


Brand a real life pony with your very own cutie mark!

Super Hentai Dubapalooza Showdown (18+)

Not satisfied with the English version of Bible Black? What about Rapeman? Then come put your skills to the test as we see who can please Minase the best. (No dudes please).

enter Anime Tentacle Simulator (18+)

I do not think a description is necessary for this event. Come at your own risk.

Guests Orange Anime is proud to announce that our Guest of Honor will be


dob марки follow site  Cosplay Guest of Honor – Cardboard Box Gundam 

cardboard box gundam Master of Ceremonies – Vitamin C

manfgaabm Thank you and we hope to see everyone there!