Florida Cosplayers: Brittany Jung as Zelda (Part 2)

http://www.oberwalting.de/disqus/biznes-plan-kafe-bara-s-raschetami.html бизнес план кафе бара с расчетами On my last post i started interviewing Florida cosplayer: Brittany Jung, as she cosplayed as Zelda from The Legend of Zelda.

делаем стенды детский Now we will continue our interview as we learn about Brittany’s experiences as one of the most well known and beloved Nintendo Princesses of all time: Princess Zelda.

http://royaltycosmetic.web.id/content/prichini-tsellyulita-na-bedrah.html причины целлюлита на бедрах

http://joomla.filmstillrocks.com/content/grazhdanskoe-pravo-i-grazhdanskiy-protsess-lektsii.html гражданское право и гражданский процесс лекции эндшпиль музыка план 7. What do you personally feel when you are portraying the character and why do you choose to cosplay her?

“When I portray her, I feel like I have to look just as gorgeous as her and as graceful! I choose to cosplay her because I wanted to make a childhood dream come true. I wanted to be her, just like very little girl wanted to be a Princess. I do love her character design more than any other Nintendo design. xD”

кал на гельминты правила сдачи 8. What are people’s reactions to you when you are in costume?

“I feel like I get some attention when in costume. Every convention I go to I get a lot of photos from others as well as make friends. I also like to act in character while in cosplay as well. I feel like it makes peoples days as well as making mine.”

http://www.snazzymug.com/projects/raspisanie-18-marshruta-irkutsk.html расписание 18 маршрута иркутск 9. What was the hardest part about bringing this charcter to life?

карта калининградской обл 500 м для oziexplorerThe hardest part about bringing her to life is just trying to portray her in photos. I wish I had more but I want to show that Zelda is a strong girl character and can kick some butt!”

охранная зона гтс сколько метров 10. Did you ever get any special recognition for this costume?

“I did get a photoshoot with a really awesome photographer for free by the beach in LA. But other than that, not really hahaha.”

http://www.tahkotours.ru/community/kvadrotsikl-rm-650-tehnicheskie-harakteristiki.html квадроцикл рм 650 технические характеристики 11. What videogame character would you like to portray next?

“Hmm. Right now I am not sure. I would love to work on Twilight Princess Zelda next or get started on my Dream Drop Distance version of Sora.”

характеристика образов пьесы вишневый сад 12. Lastly is there anything you would like to convey to the readers?

“Sure! I always love to encourage others to cosplay or keep cosplaying if you are! Everything is possible no matter what level you are on. Everyone can cosplay no matter gender or size! Do what you love to do and keep at all your dreams and hopes.”

If you would like to see more of Brittany Jung’s art and cosplay make sure to check out her deviant art account HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this interview, if you have any cosplays you would want to see be sure to comment below, or if you want to compliment Brittany please leave a comment.

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