Have con, will travel: Swampcon 2013

Hey and welcome to a new series. I’ll be sharing my experiences of conventions during 2013 as well as offering some behind the scenes information about the convention scene in FL. At times, there’ll be some mature content. Be advised.
Thanks in advance for the time and enjoy!

FJ preaching to the church of awesome

Because everything trip has a theme song: Ni**as in Paris – Explicit

So Friday, we pack up and pile into Chris’ HHR and ride out. Played a couple of Monopoly games where I try to pressure bad deals and make trades with the other back seat citizen Ryutso. It was hilarious and some inside jokes were made. Ryutso making doubles like a deus. We got stopped in some weird back alley road and waited 30 minutes all the while checking the skyline and seeing the stars. Bad jokes like Fellatio got birthed that night. Amazing stuff really. As always, whenever we get to Tsukasa’s pad, there’s always something going on. College chicks and dudes having a good time ragdolling on Trials. No Rhoadie this time, but no Telestrations either. :/ *Crash*

A prelude of the craziness to come! Special thanks to Xtine King. Click to visit her dA page.

OA uniform on, Tsu, Ryu, and I make our way to spend spend spend. Introduced Tsukasa to a McGriddle. So good. We grab our questionable towels in record time. We get to Swamp thinking that it was manageable. Nah, by the time we got to the second floor of the Rietz Bldg, Swamp was packed. We preregged on our phones because the line was outrageous. Then we hit the floor running as we passed a crap ton of cosplay. Artist Alley was packed and I said hello to some FL regs like Only ducks, Alienphant, and  Grace of the goddess.


Nemaria’s 90’s Panel was packed!

Hit up a couple panels like Cosplay Photography, after that ran into other friends in Gainesville and then back to grab some of 90’s Panel aka the hot box, 4kids. Even got a chance and did some tabletop gaming (Misspent Youth), finished the night panel wise with Video Game Easter Eggs.

Hit up Bento Cafe and myMochi’s while church of awesome hit up Genghis Grill. Came back to end the night watching the Miku Hatsune concert, which was okay? Seating made a difference. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Had to be there. From what I understand, the dance routine was programmed by the local UF Anime club, which is pretty boss. After that, bounced from the convention to get supplies for rum cake.  Got back to Tsu’s, drank stupid and had some rum cake while we played Track n Field. My hands did recover, thankfully.


We don’t really pack, I mean we do but we don’t. Hit up Zaxby’s and from there head over to Rietz for the final day. Plans and panel substitutions occurred, kudos to AnimeXaminer and Onizuka Chris for pulling it together in a pinch. Exposed myself in AM’s CLAMP panel about how Clover changed me as fan in general.

Cosplay was everywhere during the event!

Pics where taken and we had a great time. Afterwards we dined at the oncampus BK and hit the road after saying our thanks and goodbyes! After all nothing says amazing like a weekend with OA.

Perfect end! Signed by Ciara. THE BEST.

Where will OA be next? Megacon 2013 that’s where! Look for us in Orlando in March.

Until then,


P.S. Did you go to Swampcon 2013? Got some awesome memories to share? Don’t be shy! Sign in and leave your experiences in the forum.



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