Mizucon 2012: The Memories We Will Cherish

Hey there! Mizucon has come and gone for yet another year.  The convention was held at the Miami DoubleTree Hotel right at the end of summer.  School has started and we the fans of videogames, anime, and Japanese culture have to put on our regular clothes and go back to school.  But we can always look back at the last convention of the summer which was filled with great things to see and do.

Some of the highlights included the 3000 Brigade’s new show, which featured various videogame characters fighting it out over ownership of their show.  This show featured many extravagant costumes and dance routines that many fans enjoyed and has come to be the main draw of the convention.

There was also the Masquerade which featured performances by the Mizucon Masqueraders (who put on skits featuring many well known, and some not well known, characters from anime and gaming culture), Singers (various singers performed for the crowd a medly of Jazz tunes), and Urban Ronin (a stunt fighting group who fought in cosplay for the crowd’s amusement).

Orange Anime was also in attendance as well.  OA presented over 30 hours of entertainment such as: Who Would Win Anime?, The Anime Newlywed Game, Supernatural, Destiny Island’s Gameshow, 4Kids Effect, and much more.  They provided quality interactive panels that let fans get to know one another and have fun.

A new card game was also introduced at the con: Gen Du or also known as Gentleman’s Duel.  Which had players fight it out making dungeons and sending out monsters to take out their opponents.  A fun and interesting game made by residents in Miami.  Fans were taught how to play at the con right before the big tournament.  Check out Gen Du’s website and order your own deck of Gen Du cards.

There was even a zombie shooting gallery game run by the group: C.O.R.P.S.E.  This event was really fun and worth the $5 entry fee to shoot up zombies as they attack your elevator.  Everyone was given laser guns as they defended themselves from the zombie invasion.  If you decided to turn on your friends or work together to fend off the zombie hoard, con atendees were sure to have fun at this event.


But what really makes a con are the people that attend it and I want to thank Alex Hernandez for taking this video and showing us that we, The Mizucon Congoers, got style!

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