Morikami Museum Pray For Japan Film Showing

Japan Film

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 in Tohoku, Japan was one of the worst disasters in recorded history. In times of crisis, every person has a choice: every man for himself; or to be greater than that, and reach out to one’s neighbors. In the face of this unprecedented catastrophe, the people of Ishinomaki, the largest coastal city in Tohoku chose to pull together and help each other. People from all over Japan – and from all over the world – descended on the town to relieve suffering and help move the city and its people towards recovery. This is a movie about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It is a tale of victims becoming volunteers, and volunteers becoming heroes. Pray for Japan’s message is one of compassion, selflessness and hope – an inspiration for our daily lives.

Director Stu Levy (Founder of Tokyopop) will be there for a Q&A session as well. If you haven’t seen the film, please take the time to check it out!


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