Orange Adventures: Supercon 2013


The crowd at Supercon 2013

This past weekend Orange Anime was able to showcase some of our events at Florida Supercon 2013. This was the first time that Orange Anime has appeared at Supercon in an official capacity. Over the 4 day convention 27 panels were showcased and received great reception.


I personally was not able to attend until late Friday night.  We made it to Miami around 10 pm and walked the convention floor, running into friends from the Miami crowd. We then ran Con Survival Guide (18+).  Shared some stories about not ordering pizza from fliers slide under the door at the Double Tree, People sleeping under hotel tables and the story of Triple T. Once that panel was over we went to the Palm / Hibiscus Ballroom for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast and spotted MC Frontalot. We left no much longer after and called it a night. 


Who Would Win? Anime! was at full capacity. Attendees had to sit on the floor to watch the show.


Saturday started with Minions Have Spawned: The League of Legends Panel. Neither I nor Oshinoke had ran the panel prior to Supercon and the audience was awesome. We discussed how League of Legends was played and spoke and got to see some great cosplay from the audience. Had  strong turn outs for Asian Ball Joint Dolls, Machinima Cinema and How To Run An Artist Alley Table.


Even the smallest of attendees got to make their own Giant Origami!

After taking a break to grab some food, we returned to finish the night with some of our mature events. We were able to pack the room for the Not Another Hentai Panel. Then we closed out the night with LadyKana and Maeanalda closed out the night with the Panty and Stocking Game Show. Also I would like to add that the Brief cosplayer was really cool with having Ryutso grind on his lap to pop balloons. In addition to all of the events we ran, Saturday was pure craziness. I have not been at a convention that was that crowded. I attempted to walk the dealers room but it was a mission to get anywhere. Also the Homestuck crowd was everywhere and by that I mean blocking hall ways, disrupting panels and displaying all of the other qualities we have come to love from their fandom.


So I woke up on Sunday and I felt like I was going to have a bad day. Thought I had caught the Con Plague and felt like it was going to be the beginning of the end. Though I was able to shake that feeling and made it to A True View Of The Otaku In Anime. I have to say I like to attend this panel. Every time I have had the opportunity to attend I get to hear really good views and comments on the meaning on Otaku and how our community reacts to it and what other attendee’s opinions about it is. I was invited to sit in on Not All Heroes Live In Anime and got to discuss different moments in anime. I also had to direct my attention away from the Gurren Lagann clip, or man tears would of been had.


LadyKana and Maeanalda discussing Tokusatsu at the Super Sentai Hour!

Lastly I hosted Anime Name That Tune with LadyKana. This is by far my favorite panel to host. It consistently is intense and everyone involved gets into the game, sometimes to much into the game. During this game Merika was able to secure a win making it now 2 – 0 against team F Yeah!. After taking a picture with the Orange Anime Staff and thanking Supercon for allowing us to have a part in this convention we left Miami and took the 3 hour drive home.

Overall I had a blast at Supercon. If you are in the Miami area or in Florida for that matter and you have not attended Supercon you need to do yourself the favor. This convention is not your typical Comic Book or Scifi convention. It offers more of an experience and it is something that you should experience. Hopefully Orange Anime will return for 2014 and host even more amazing panels. Our next stop is going to be Anime Festival Orlando. We hope to see you there.

All photos courtesy of ND Photos. Please like his Facebook page!

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