Orange Anime’s 4th Roast Of…

Every once and a while, a person comes along that inspires us. Someone that lifts us up off of our feet and compels us to do great things and inspire people. Well, here at Orange Anime, that person doesn’t exist, so we’re going to roast the next person in line. This year, at Orange Anime’s 10th Anniversary, we’re going to assemble a team of roasters to commit verbable torture against one of our own..but who shall that be?

source url That’s for you to decide!

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ведьмак псилоциб All you have to do is choose your top 3 members that you would like to see roasted. AlephZero, EmpressAuthor and FJ have already been roasted, so they aren’t to be picked, respectively.


follow link Have fun, and happy roasting.

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