Orange You Glad We Didn’t Say Downtime?

похороненная описание фильма

samsung wf6450s7w схема Welcome to the new Orange Anime! We’ve slimmed down the forums, spit-polished the site, and passed the savings on to you!

куда писать жалобу As you poke around, you’ll notice:

  • There are no more separate 18+ and 21+ boards. If you’re an adult, you’re an adult!
  • We’ve gotten rid of “The Lounge” and “Current Events”, everything in these categories is now simply, “General Discussion.”
  • All Japan-related topics now belong in “Nippon Kei” (Japanese Style)
  • Gaming has been upgraded to “Button Mashers”
  • Cosplaying, crafting, and all artistic subjects are now in “Needle and Thread”
  • The role-playing board is now “The World” таблица копеек и рублей You’ll also notice we have a new administrator! (Oshinoke) на странице раздела каталог The "L" is for Supreme Lover. диагностическое значение аускультации легких When informed of the news, he quickly disposed of something, pulled up his pants, turned around and said:

 I’ve been an Orange Anime member since 2006, and I am extremely honored to become an admin of this great organization. I will make you all proud.

Everyone offer him a warm congratulations!

Over the next couple of days, you may find a few lingering issues or broken links. If you find anything like that, please post here and let us know. Feedback is also appreciated.

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