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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! We'd like to make the announcement that we will be featured panelists at SuperCon Retro this year! You can find Read more

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Hello, everyone! We will be running panels and events at this year's Florida Supercon ( For a full list of events and times, click Read more

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As we settle back in from Animate! Miami and return back to our normal lives (boo post-con depression!), we would like to thank each Read more как можно найти музыку повышен уровень ттг причины Orange Anime & Animate! Miami

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Cosplay Interviews! Featuring Jillian Husted as Larxene from Kingdom Hearts

глюконат кальция в ампулах инструкция Hey there this is Onizuka Chris and I am here to provide you with a look into the life of Florida’s cosplayers and their costumes.  I will be interviewing local cosplayers and letting you find out more about them.  Every month I will be interviewing a new cosplayer.  This time I would like to feature one of Orange Anime’s own staff member.  Jillian Husted, also known as “Ixka1kai” on the forums.  She will be sharing her experiences as she talks about her cosplay of Larxene from Kingdom Hearts. хорошие стихи про деревню

технологическая карта монтажа молниеприемной сетки на кровле план работына годв старшей группе 1. As a female cosplayer, why did you take an interest in this character and how close does the character resemble your personality?
I would say that Larxene is pretty much the exact opposite of me (except for maybe the b****y part). I wanted a character where I can be what I am not and attempt to have some more confidence. What initially drew me to Larxene in particular was the fact that she wanted to overthrow the ultimate evil to get a greater position of power.

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