We We We So Excited

This weekend some of the Orange Anime staff will be in attendance at Pariahcon. We are running some panels and Oshinoke will also be a wandering Pokemon trainer! If you are going to be in the Lakeland area this weekend or are thinking about checking out Pariahcon, you should come out! If you anyone wearing an Orange Anime Shirt Stay by and say hello! Below is a list of the panels we will be running at Pariahcon. Hope to see you there!


Viral Videos  2pm

Anime Guess Who 2pm

Videogame Easter Eggs 3pm

What is Orange Anime? 3pm

3DS Clinic 3pm

Who Would Win Anime 4pm

The Pokemon Center 4pm

Destiny Islands Game Show 5pm

Ka-Blam!: 90’s Anime Trivia 7pm

Rage Hard: Code Geass 7pm

Rage Hard: Mass Effect 8pm

Uncensored (18+) 10pm

OA Dating Game (18+) 10pm

Hardcore Panel (18+) 11pm

Anime Newlyweds (18+)


4 Kids Effect 11am

Anime Year in Review 12pm

Pokemon Gameshow 1pm

Cosplay in a Box 1pm

Supernatural Theatre 3pm

Hentai Game Show (18+) 10pm

Berserk Drinking Panel (21+) 1am *Must have photo ID


OA Craftsmen Series: Photoshop 9am

Sugru Panel 10am

Collectibles Forum 11am



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